Islamic Names – Become Popular On the Internet

Today it comes on my mind to find the meaning of my name. Although I know the meaning but I had never confirmed it. Thus I search on the Google with the keyword Islamic names and find the required site. Thus I was able to know my name’s meaning.
Later I thought that as I was searching on the internet for my name’s meaning, many people on the internet must be searching on Islamic names and their meanings. To verify this I open the Google keyword tool which tells us about the no of searches on any word at the internet. From that I come to know about the searches which are made monthly on the word “Islamic names”.
The tool showed that monthly 550,000 searches are being made globally and 135,000 searches are being made locally on the word “Islamic names”. Similarly 550,000 and 110, 00 searches are made globally and locally in a month on the word “Islamic names with meanings”. Moreover a lot of searches are being made on the other words like “Muslim names”, “Muslim names with meanings”.
You can get an idea about those searches from the below picture which is taken from the Google keyword tool.
The reason for so many researches on the words “Islamic names” and “Islamic names with meanings” may be that now a days people are looking for different Islamic names for their children which are not so common. Moreover people are also interested to know the meaning of any Islamic name before making it as the name of their boy or girl.
Thus internet has become a more important tool far beyond to be used for just education. It is attracting now all people with different age groups and having different interests. Whatever your objective may be, internet of today can satisfy yours that objective.